Cabinet changeovers can be a daunting prospect when so many staff and providers have been involved over the years. Trust Networks provided the perfect solution in the comms room and their engineers performed the (major) changeover with the minimum amount of disruption to the business.

Mr D Alston, Parts Director, Cordwallis Group

Cabinet tidy

Clean up your cabinets, replace or changeover.

  • Reduce your IT maintenance costs
  • Meet the latest Health and Safety requirements
  • Meet the requirements for insurance validation
  • Reduce the cost of MACs by up to a third

The condition of your IT cabinets may not be the top IT priority for your business, but ensuring your cabinets are kept in optimum order can save your business both time and money. By ensuring cabling is kept well organised the cost of moves, additions or changeovers (MACs) can be reduced by up to a third. General maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and problems are quicker to troubleshoot.

Before and after shots of a cabinet changeover

The cost of a cabinet changeover starts from as little as 380. The work is carried out by fully qualified engineers and with minimum disruption to your IT services. Call us today on 01727 867919.