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Increasingly customers are asking if their suppliers are GDPR compliant – having a robust Data Protection Strategy might not win you a deal but not having one might mean that you lose.

For 16 years, Trust Networks has been providing IT services to companies and organisations of all sizes, and since 2018 we’ve been working hard to ensure that our own business is GDPR compliant.

Now we feel the time is right to help our customers to achieve and maintain the same level of compliance and confidence in their Data Protection credentials. 

To do this we have partnered with OTR Consultants, an experienced Buckinghamshire GDPR consultancy specialising in helping businesses of all sizes achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. 

Our partner, OTR’s approach to Data Protection and GDPR Compliance is Risk-based, that is to say tailored as each and every business’s needs are different. A Risk-based approach helps minimise inconvenience and negate the impact on the business operations of deploying a Data Protection Strategy.

Your business is your business, let OTR worry about your GDPR Compliance.

The GDPR Essentials That Are Common To All Business, Large Or Small, Include:

Having these correctly implemented in your business will put you firmly on the path to GDPR Compliance.

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