Hosted and Cloud Services

Looking for hosted and cloud services at a reasonable price? Get in touch with our team today. We offer a cost-effective computing service to businesses in and around the UK.

Cost-efficient cloud hosting solutions

Hosted and cloud services from Trust Networks Ltd are designed to match fast-paced business operations. Our services offer everything you need without investing in costly capital infrastructure or yearly software licences. 

Our cloud services are ideal for businesses that are looking for cost-efficient cloud IT services. This is Pay-as-You-Go computing with access from any device and from any location with no ownership costs involved. We offer a full range of cloud security solutions in 3 convenient options. 

Public and Private Cloud

Private and public cloud hosting services are set to the consumer’s preferences. This cloud network provides storage, applications and other resources. Whilst this public cloud option is shared with multiple companies, you can still be assured of security with our fool-proof encryption. On the other hand, a private cloud network comes with additional security but with higher costs.  

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Hybrid Cloud Services

This cloud network is a combination of both private and public cloud hosting services which are aligned together for convenient usage. Trust’s secure hosted platform/cloud is situated and mirrored (in case of security issues) in the UK. It fully conforms to current and new data regulations, providing clients with total peace of mind. Access, disaster recovery and security are covered with Trust’s usual premium standard of customer care.

Blue cable leading into IT equipment