Meet the team

Kev, the Managing Director and Founder of Trust Networks Ltd as a cartoon photograph.

Kevin Matthew

Founder and Managing Director

Kevin founded the business back in 2005, having previously owned and run IT installation companies.

Kev’s vision, way back when, was to provide a reliable, IT support and cabling service to local business. Since then Kev and the team have developed the business to become an established network provider, enabling Trust Networks to deliver a secure and effective support system to their customers, as well as a trusted cabling installation service for businesses across the UK. 

Cartoon image of Andy who works at Trust Networks Ltd

Andy Lowe

Technical Director

Andy Lowe, our Technical Director, prides himself in ensuring that the customer always gets the solution which best meets their needs. Combining a computing degree with years of business experience, enables Andy to help clients establish their technological needs and build systems and strategies which can grow with their business.

Andy not only Manages the Sales and Development at Trust Networks, but heavily assists with the technical infrastructure of the business, and our customers businesses, providing an intuitive and diverse arm to Trust Networks.

Across 20 years, throughout their careers, Andy and Kev have worked on a wide variety of projects together delivering high quality, network, telecoms and IT infrastructure solutions.

Cartoon image of Daniel who works at Trust Networks Ltd

Daniel Beardsmore

Senior Technical Support and Development

Daniel has been with the company since 2008. He has been with us for so long that we are afraid if we move Daniel there will be a Daniel shaped print on the chair. Daniel’s responsibilities include in-house software development, cloud administration and provisioning, technical support and server and network administration.

Cartoon image of Declan who works at Trust Networks Ltd

Declan Jardine

2nd Line Helpdesk Support

Dec joined Trust Networks in 2020 and has been a huge asset to the company ever since. Declan is your man for any helpdesk support, and will often be the first person who picks up the phone to assist with any technical issues you have. Dec’s main roles are Technical support, Customer administration, Customer-facing sales and provisioning of new equipment.


Cartoon image of Chantal who works at Trust Networks Ltd

Chantal Shaw

HR and Operations

Chantal (nicknamed ‘Spanners’) is our Head of HR and assists with Ops. We call her Spanners as she often fixes things quickly in terms of processes, policies, procedures and staff wellbeing. 

Chantal spends her time managing, HR and Employee Well being, Business Operations, Marketing and Media, Recruitment, Company Policies & Procedures and Health & Safety.

Vicki Rae

Sales and Marketing

Vicki (aka Vix) is the newest member of the team, heading up our Sales and Marketing. With a strong background in Sales and Marketing after working across a wide range of businesses including Carnival Cruises at sea and an independent brewery back on land, she brings a fresh approach to our communications team.

You’ll usually find Vix with a brew in hand working out new and innovative ways to communicate with our client base, as well as welcoming new business and ensuring a second to none service is always offered.

Steve Bilyard

Senior Site Engineer

Steve has been partnered with Trust for over 15 years, and is our on-site hero.

After being a British Telecom Engineer, running cabling gangs and engineers for over 20 years, Steve came on board with Trust bringing with him all the right knowledge to enable him to resolve our customer’s onsite requirements.

Generally, you’ll see Steve data cabling, sorting out trunking and containment or with his head in a cabinet, doing a great job on a cabinet tidy.

Cartoon image of Brad who works at Trust Networks Ltd

Brad Lovegrove

Senior Contracts & Finance Manager

Brad brings 30 years of Contracts and Finance experience to the business. Grounded from a Global sales background in the I.T. Components industry, he quickly became Senior Contracts Director, covering the finance options for client’s uptake. Brads wealth of experience in long term, innovative solutions, has assured Trust Networks Ltd success in pushing on through the difficulties of lockdown and beyond.