Trust Networks continue to give us an excellent service, providing both broadband services and PC support.

Mel Hilbrown,
Executive Director


Increase your data upload speeds.

  • Send and receive large files quickly
  • Lower your Internet access costs
  • Suitable for web hosting
  • Suitable for VOIP and video conferencing use
  • No restriction on the amount of data you can send
  • Ideal for fast back up of files to remote locations
  • Can be used with our secure firewall systems
  • Ideal for businesses with users who require remote access

By using an SDSL as opposed to an ADSL broadband service your data upload speeds are greatly increased and match the speed of your data downloads. SDSL can be up to eight times faster than using traditional broadband services and can be installed using your traditional BT phone line. It is the ideal solution for small and medium businesses who have several people using the Internet at once and need to send as much data as they receive.

Trust Networks offers you the choice of three SDSL packages, all of which are installed and fully tested by qualified engineers.