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Ever wondered what would happen if your PC's hard disk failed, your office was burnt down or your laptop was stolen?

Any of these disasters would mean that your valuable data had gone forever, if you had not been keeping daily back-up copies.

While most of us know what a back-up is and know that backing up regularly makes good business sense, frequently we do not know what system to buy or if it really works!

The good news is that today there are plenty of options available, designed to suit all budgets and requirements. A back-up system is simple to put in place and is essential for businesses of every size.

Trust Networks offer small businesses:

The DTI estimate that 7 out of 10 companies go out of business after a major data loss.*

*Figures taken from a survey commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft January 2007 based on 785 respondents. Visit for full survey results.