Simple networking

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A network is the simplest way to connect two or more PCs and to share resources such as files, printers and even an internet connection. Setting up a simple network is simple and quick to do - and costs less than you think!

Link two PCs for as little as 100*

A peer-to-peer network is where two PCs are connected directly together, and is ideal for the small office / home office user looking to take the first step and share files, printers and internet connectivity with a second PC.

Link three or more PCs securely for as little as 150*

For the business that requires a number of PCs connected together securely, sharing resources and connection to the internet, we can install and maintain a number of secure network solutions. From a simple router to a full client-server network, we can deliver and manage a solution tailored exactly to your needs.

As your business grows, Trust Network will ensure that your IT network expands to meet the new demands placed on it.

*Subject to site survey